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"Recent psychedelic music sometimes seems like an extensively tested arrangement of reverb, fuzz and lyrics about good times instead of good ideas, but Brainstory offer a welcome reset. With this I.E. band, psychedelic is shorthand for (and pathway to) possibility, and within their songs, just about anything can happen. There’s obviously some inspiration shared here with L.A.’s Chicano Batman, who gave Brainstory a home on their own El Relleno Records, but Brainstory have their own ideas about how and why to make a breakthrough, and the result is agile, confident and cheerfully ambitious. Think of Love, Os Mutantes, Syd Barrett or Shuggie Otis and the way they made taking the next new step seem like the natural thing to do." -

Chris Ziegler (LA WEEKLY)


Brainstory Released it’s short-ish debut album “A Natural Phantasm” in August on Chicano Batman’s El Relleno Records. Bookended by mellow instrumentals “The Sunrise” and “The Sunset,’ it’s 20 minutes of psychotropic exploration grounded equally in old soul, psychedelia and jazz, a result of the Martins’ childhood exposure to a multitude of sonic worlds. In short, it’s cosmic, man.”

- Kevin Bronson (Buzzbandsla)